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50% Australian Government rebate available on renewable energy systems

Grid-connected PV systems

Grid connect systems use a photovoltaic array to generate electricity, which is then fed to the mains grid via a grid interactive inverter. When the solar array generates more power than is being used in the building, the surplus is exported to the grid. When the solar array generates less power than is being used in the building, the difference is imported from the grid.

Make a difference- reduce your reliance on mains power, and contribute to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions
Business Reduce electricity demand during expensive peak demand times, particularly in summer


Community buildings

The National Solar Schools Program is giving Australian schools a head start in tackling climate change and conserving our precious water supplies

Grants are available to community organisations that install photovoltaic systems where there is significant educational value.

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The convenience and reliability of mains power remains while the system reduces your electricity bills and at the same time helps the environment by contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Here's an indicator on the prices of a photovoltaic grid connect system:

Installed Size
kWh per day
No. of Panels
After Rebate
& RECS Discount
6 x 175W
9 x 175W
12 x 175W
15 x 175W
18 x 175W
$1,500 .00
24 x 175W
30 x 175W

The above indicative pricing includes installation in most areas for most house types.
This pricing includes GST.
Final price has the $8,000 rebate taken into account.*
Double dipping of RRPGP and SHCP is not permitted.


* Solar Panels
* Roof mounting frame
* Inverter
* Switchboard labels
* Delivery
* Professional installation
* System Manual
System Size: 1000 Watt
Roof Space Required: 8 sq. meters
CO2 Saved: 1650 kilograms per year
Approx Yearly Savings: 25% of bill for medium energy consumption household
Final Price Estimate Fully Installed: $14000**
Federal Government PVRP Rebate: $8000
Cash Back On Renewable Energy Certificate: $500***

Life time cost analysis

Pay Back Period
Assuming electricity price remains constant for next 25 years @ 20 cents/kWh
Daily energy output with 5.4 peak sun hours: 5.4 kW
Daily savings: 20 x 5.4 = $1.08
Yearly: $394.20
You pay: $5,500.00**
Pay back period: 14 years

Return on Investment
Expected life of the system: 25 years
Daily Savings for next 11 years: $1.08
Net Expected Profit: $4,336.00

What does it do?
The system acts as your own mini power station. Solar panels collect the sun’s energy as direct current (DC) electricity. A device called an inverter converts the DC power into conventional 240 volt 50 Hz AC power, as used in the home. This supply is then connected into your home’s normal power supply at the switchboard. Any difference between the power required in your home and the power generated by the system is provided through the main grid. If the system generates more solar power than your house needs, the excess is exported back to the main grid.

Reduce your electricity bills.
The power generated reduces the power you need to buy. For your principal place of residence, if you use 400kWh of power each month and your system generates 100kWh, you only pay for the 300kWh that you have used from the grid. If you use less power than the system generates, the system automatically exports the excess power generated back into the grid, and this is credited to your account.

Maintenance-free operation
The system has no moving parts or batteries to maintain, so it’s easy care. The only routine maintenance you’ll ever have to do is hose down the solar panels if they become dusty.

How does it work?
The Grid Connected Solar Power system incorporates solar panels mounted on the roof of the building. The power generated from the solar array is supplied to the building’s electrical wiring through an inverter connected to the switchboard.



Note: It is important to note that the Grid Connected Solar Power system is not an independent power
source. Should supply from the mains electrical grid be interrupted, the system will also shut down as a
safety measure.
* The SHCP will be replaced with Solar Credits in July 2009
** Exclusive of GST, prices may vary depending upon location and conditions, Planetary Power reserves the right to make amendments at any given time.
*** Approximate value, varies on current RECs market price.



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